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keyra agustina - cel mai frumos fund din lume

Keyra Augustina is a famous but mysterious Argentinian model, as nobody really knows something about her personal information such as place or date of birth.
Little is known about the true identity of the woman that calls herself 'Keyra'. Most sources agree that she is an Argentinian college student between 19 and 21 years of age. While Maxim Argentina referred to her as "Mirna Lavagna, the illegitimate daughter of the Argentinian minister in Guatemala", others have stated that her true name could be Julieta Machado, Julieta Solecita, or Julieta Cordoba. Supposedly, she studies Systems Engineering at the University of Moron in Laferrere, Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina, although Maxim states that she is a student at the University of Buenos Aires.
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Keyra Augustina or Keyra Agustina is the
pseudonym of an Argentinian woman, famous for photographs and videos of herself circulating on the Internet.

The name Keyra Augustina is believed to come from the aliases 'Keyra' and 'Agus', which she used to post on websites such as Supertangas and Foro Argentino de Amateurs. Wishing to keep her online activities from her family and friends, she seldom showed her face and preferred to focus on her buttocks. Her amateur photos and videos - which show her in various degrees of undress and provocative demeanor were shot in her own room, using only a webcam.

Keyra Augustina started to gain worldwide fame and recognition as her photos were widely downloaded and distributed on the Internet. Several people including Howard Stern have named her the "Best Ass on the Internet" and "Perfect Ass of the Year".

In June 2005, Maxim Argentina featured a 9-page photo spread with her. Later she appeared again in the August issue of Maxim US. This happened after a sort of "exclusive contract" Keyra had with Supertangas, thus the owners of the site alleged that these shots were fake, claiming that her face never appeared in the shots, but forgetting that themselves used to manipulate her Supertangas pictures to erase or simply cut her face off the pictures, because the model didn't want to be recognized by her family, friends or boyfriend.

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